Friday, October 30, 2009

Silver and persimmon. We used my fruitwood chiavari chairs with a Persimmon taffeta chair tie. On the tables we had a Platinum Pintuck. It was beautiful! I don't have photos with the centerpieces but her are a couple snap shots. Mackley Photography was the photographer and Andi Saxton did the planning and decorating. Justin Hamilton did a great job with the catering. They brought in umbrellas that gave the needed shade but didn't block the amazing view!

Space Ex

Andi Saxton again put together an amazing Space Ex event. I was very excited to work with her on it. It was at Dunkers Studio on 600W. in Logan. Very cool spot! We used Platinum pintuck linens and the stretch linens for the high boys. I know you will enjoy these photos!

First Summer Wedding

This was a fun wedding to help with. Niki and her mom Stacey were great! It was in there yard and rained all day the day before and all day the day after! Amazing that the day of her wedding turned out to be perfect temperature. Definitely not hot but not to cool either. She decided on the natural chiavari chairs with a lime sheer chair tie. The linens we used were a orange and fuchsia irridescent which looked great outside.

Fucshia and Lime Wedding and the Logan Country Club. White chair covers with lime satin sash and Fucshia runner. Andi Saxton did the Flowers.

Time to Update!!!!!

It was a crazy, fun summer. I have a week off and so now is the perfect time to add a few events. SDL - Space Dynamics lab - is having a great event next week so be sure to check back to look at photos. There is one event that Oakstream Photography shot at the Riter Mansion that you need to see! I haven't received any photos yet, but as soon as I do they will be posted. It will show you how just mixing textures and colors with your linens can make a great impact on the decor of your event. We used a Wisteria pintuck with a crinkle burgandy chair tie. Then a shiny silver satin for the high boys and a lamour plum linen for the cake. It was beautiful! Vicki Yonker did the floral and decorating, Andi Saxton brought in her lounge area, Culinary Concepts catered, and of course it was at the Riter Mansion where EVERY event looks great! If you are looking for a Venue, make sure to check them out! Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More photos from Robbins Awards

Robins Awards - Utah State University

I had the opportunity to help out with Robins Awards at Utah State. I was a large event that started, for me, Thursday and ended about 3 a.m. Sunday morning. It was great to see everything come together. Andi came up with the great idea of Clover color linen and the cobalt blue bottles for centerpieces. Anyone who needs a clover linen or cobalt blue bottles for an event, give us a call. As you can see from the photos, it turned out amazing. For the stage area, Andi used her assorted sizes of Chinese lanterns and I had my chandeliers. Very Fun! I hope you enjoy the photos. Thanks to Noel Allen of Smithfield for running up to take some photos for me before the event started.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Taupe Pintuck and Black Resin Chairs

Yeah! My first event with my black chairs. It was beautiful! Jessica-the bride- worked for culinary crafts I believe in Utah County. Check out their website it is fun to look at! When she called for information she knew exactly what she was looking for. Just talking with her you could tell right off the bat she knew what she wanted. I was excited to see everything turn out and it was great! She used a taupe pintuck overlay and sashes for the high boy tables. The black chairs were great. Culinary Concepts did the catering and when I went to take photos Michelle from Culinary Concepts was hard at work making sure it was perfect. The display was beautiful! Great thought and details went into this wedding and it showed!

Tiffany Blue and Damask

The end result of this wedding was beautiful! I love the aqua linens with the damask accent. We used white resin chairs with a satin black sash. I loved the buffet table. The clover shape looks great and is a refreshing change from your 8' banquet tables. Andi Saxton did the flower arrangements. They always look amazing. She is a florist that you should talk to if you are planning a wedding or event. The luncheon was at the loft at federal Avenue. Unfortunately, I only have one more event there this weekend and then it will be closed for construction. It was about a year ago when I did my first event there. I have really enjoyed being involved over the year and have had so much fun! Thanks to Andi and Justin for a great year!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

More photos from the Chocolate and Azure wedding

A couple of more photos!!!

Chocotate and Azure

I really loved this wedding. We used Fruitwood chiavari chairs with a chocolate satin sash tied in a bow. I must admit that in the past I haven't been a big 'bow' fan but lately I'm all over the bow! We used a light blue standard floor length linen which was very pretty. I wish I had photos of the end product because when I went to pick the chairs and linens up after the reception I was so amazed at how pretty it was. Andi did the decorating and flowers. She hung light blue, chocolate, and white lantern over the cake and the sundae bar area that hamiltons catered. Outside she also hung lanterns on hooks. Very Cute! I need to find out who the photographer was so I can get more photos. Anyway, maybe you will get the idea with the photos I have.

The Loft - Eggplant and White

Here is another great wedding at the loft. Hamiltons did the catering, Andi did the flowers, and I brought in my NEW fruitwood Chiavair Chairs!!!!! I love them! I have already done a couple of weddings with them and they have worked out amazing! Just a note to anyone planning a wedding or event.......your table linens and chairs make a huge impact on your decor!!!!