Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Special Event

I have just returned from 'The Special Event' in San Diego. Not only was the weather amazing - I decided that everyone in Cache Valley should be able to spend a couple of days in clear sky and warm weather every January. It would help us get through the rest of the winter - but the Show was GREAT! My first workshop/class was about color. Sasha Souza was the decorator/planner speaking. She was wearing a chartreuse jacket. (She would appreciate the fact that I didn't call it yellow!) was fun and outgoing. I thought 'she seems like she knows what she is talking about'. She starting showing photos of weddings she has done and magazines she has been in. I knew who she was! I have looked at those photos many times. That is when I realized the company I was with. Take a look at her blog sparkliatti and you will see all kinds of ideas! It was the first class I went to and the best! Deffinatly worth the trip!